Ivy Wan Ying Lee  (李雲英) : Membership Chair

Ivy Wan Ying Lee

Membership Chair

–   健身氣功技術等級——-壹段

–   2014 35 屆加美武術錦標賽木蘭拳—48式劍—(金牌);  雙環操—(金牌):    34式扇—- (銀牌) ;  八段錦— (銀牌)
–   2010 鎮江第4 屆世界華人武術選拔賽女子組太極拳—(第二名) : 女子組太極器械  (第壹名)

–   2007 28 屆加美武術錦標賽 :  24式太極拳—(銅牌)

–   2007 江蘇省首屆武術大賽 :  24式太極拳—(壹等獎):  42式太極拳—(壹等獎) :  武當太極劍—-(壹等獎)

Tit Bo Lee  (李鐵堡) : Treasurer
Tit Bo Lee


–   健身氣功技術等級——–壹段

–   2014 35屆加美武術錦標賽木蘭拳—-雙環操—-(金牌) ;  八段錦—(銀牌)

–   2010 年鎮江第4屈華人武術選拔賽男子組太極拳—-(第壹名)

Amy Zhu : Vice-President

Vice President

Vice President

Master Amy, Zhu: started practicing Martial Arts at a young age and learned from many Master. She won many “Taiji Grandchampionships” and “Taiji Best-All-Around Championships” at the Can-Am International Martial Arts Tournaments. She is ranked 6th degree and recognized as “Elite International Taiji Coach” by the International Wushu Federation (IWF); and awarded “The elite of Wushu World” by the Wudong Martial Arts Exhibition.

朱麗華(Amy Zhu)自幼習武,拜多名名師為師。曾多次在中港澳和加美重大武術錦標賽事中,獲得太極多項個人國際冠軍全能冠軍。被中國武術協會譽為太極陸段優秀國際太極拳教練員,并被武當演武大會評為武林精英

Master Chun Hua (Sprina) Fu(证件)



Chunhua Fu has now been practicing wushu for over 40 years、 as the chief coach in provincial professional team for 20 years and was later promoted to be the director in charge of Practice and Competition. She holds a seventh degree(Duan) in Wushu, senior coach  and an IWUF-certified International Judge as well. She was appointed as a vice president of Canada International Health Qigong Association. Her students have achieved gold, silver and bronze metals, all-round champion and grand champion in various international competitions, such as West Coast Can-Am Championships 1st place in Baduanjin Group and 2nd place in Baduanjin Women’s Individual in the 4th  International Health Qigong Tournament and Exchange which Canada International Health Qigong Association-Group 1 was led by her.


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